“Driven, Inc. strives to provide the best-in-class technology, and the support and services required to offer a complete eDiscovery solution that makes our clients successful. Their success is our success.”

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Corporate Overview

Founded in 2001, Driven quickly emerged as a technology leader in the eDiscovery space due to its ability to overcome our clients’ challenges of working with large and complex data sources. Products in the market at that time were simply not designed to support the growing data volumes and complexity as the eDiscovery space expanded.

As a technology company, Driven was able to engineer creative solutions to challenges not addressed by existing commercially-available products. Driven saw an opportunity to streamline the data collection, management and retrieval process, conceptualizing the “perfect tool” that could provide functionality to process through data quickly, taking EDRM all the way from discovery to trial.

This led to development of our own proprietary software that enables attorneys, law firms and corporations to encapsulate their entire eDiscovery process into a single easily-managed platform.

With the focus on further maximizing efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and automation in eDiscovery, Driven introduced the ONE eDiscovery Platform in 2008.

Driven’s ONE eDiscovery Platform

Driven’s ONE eDiscovery Platform is the only platform that seamlessly integrates early case assessment, review and production into one robust, user-friendly platform. Its single platform enables users to perform the majority of their eDiscovery process in one user interface, thus eliminating redundancy, errors, and the need to engage with numerous eDiscovery tools.

ONE’s comprehensive features are designed to meet user needs during each phase of the case, including advanced analytic tools to facilitate Technology-Assisted Review. Its end-to-end eDiscovery services include:

  • On-site acquisition
  • Collection and preservation
  • Information management
  • Analysis
  • Forensic investigation
  • Review
  • Restoration
  • Data recovery
  • Production

Features include: simple and advanced searching, metadata clustering, Visage data mapping, kinetic filtering, and conceptual search and clustering—both supervised and unsupervised.

Since its introduction, functionality and modules have been added to enhance ONE’s functionality and usability. You’ll like ONE’s flexibility, consistent user experience, world-class infrastructure, and top-notch service teams.

Driven Teams Enhance eDiscovery Customer Support

To enhance the ONE eDiscovery Platform, Driven provides experienced Service Teams dedicated to assisting you in every phase of eDiscovery, including those for computer forensics, data processing, managed review, customer support, and consulting. Our products and services are overseen by a team of valued eDiscovery attorneys who understand the process.

Driven also demonstrates excellence to customers in three distinct areas: software engineering, consulting, and services. This enables you to interface with one firm for all your eDiscovery needs. Contact Us 24/7/365.

Continual Improvement of the eDiscovery Process

As an early pioneer in eDiscovery, Driven successfully automated the processing of common and complex data types, including Lotus Notes, Bloomberg, AOL, Open/Star Office, GroupWise, Thunderbird, Linux/Unix, and Apple. Driven’s future is focused on continual improvement of the eDiscovery process to further reduce the time and effort required to prepare, review, and produce electronically-stored information while bridging the gap between eDiscovery and data management.




Driven’s eDiscovery solutions provide unmatched ease in navigating the EDRM process for attorneys and law firms. Our eDiscovery experts, backed by in-house eDiscovery attorneys, can greatly reduce the amount of time—and money—spent on the EDRM process. The ONE Platform offers an end-to-end eDiscovery tool, and our support teams are available around the clock. In addition, we charge only for the data used, as supported by our Truth in Pricing Philosophy.


Being prepared and being able to produce all the documents necessary to defend a legal suit are issues of the utmost importance to corporations. Driven aids your corporation through the full spectrum of the preparation process for their litigation profile, from initial data management and processing to preparation for legal matters, as we do for our Legal clients (see above).