The road less traveled has made all the difference.

Watch a three minute video on what makes Driven different.

Founded in 2001, Driven’s initial focus was digital automation of printing, scanning, and other litigation support tasks. Driven rapidly expanded to become a leader in Lotus Notes email and application  database processing, and introduced some of the first intelligent indexing software to the legal market (early ECA). Driven also developed ground-breaking processing solutions for Bloomberg and AOL emails and chats, Sun Open Office, Macintosh files, and other challenging data sources.

Having successfully developed its own processing tools, Driven was not content to simply resell review platforms developed by others, and elected to develop its own platform combining the best features across the marketplace into a single tool: the ONE eDiscovery Platform.

Launched in 2009, and continuously improved, ONE is the only platform that seamlessly integrates early case assessment, review, and production in one robust, user-friendly platform. The ONE platform, along with Driven’s other services, covers the entire EDRM Reference Model. ONE is powered by a vast array of industry-leading components built on a single database and utilizing a single user interface. The ONE user interface is provided through virtualized desktops powered by cutting-edge hardware allowing each user to connect to a workstation with powerful, dedicated hardware resources and built-in installation of common productivity software. This approach makes each user’s review speed independent of their local machine’s resources. Users can access their virtual workstations from any internet connection on any operating system, and through many mobile devices.