September 12, 2016

Case Study: Contract Dispute

Client is a mass media company that creates and distributes industry-leading content across a variety of platforms to audiences around the world. There was a contract dispute between an employee of a major broadcast network and the parent company. The time frame for this matter covered a 10 year period for over 50 custodians which amounted to approx. 1 TB of data and over 8,000,000 records.
September 12, 2016

Case Study: Mergers and Acquisitions

Client is a large global company who’s North American operations has historically focused on power generation in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The company had to develop a process for culling through nearly 26 TB of data to determine what data should remain with the company, or be provided to the buyers of their assets, within the legal constraints of the purchase agreement.
September 12, 2016

Case Study: Information Governance 2

Client is a multi-billion dollar Engineering company, News-Record top-20 ranked, with a global professional services organization that helps clients solve their most complex infrastructure and development challenges. The client need to import, sort, and index a large local server.
September 12, 2016

Case Study: Information Governance

Client is a DC based financial services company, structured as a parent to multiple subsidiaries, with a $3.2B market cap, and manages over $100 billion in assets for its customers. Due to an upcoming acquisition, client had 9 TB of eVault data that needed to be exported, reorganized, and imported for more efficient use.