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June 7, 2021
Lilith Bat-Leah joins Driven

Lilith Bat-Leah Is the Newest Member of Driven’s Consulting Team

Driven, Inc. is pleased to announce that technology-assisted review (TAR) expert and eDiscovery specialist Lilith Bat-Leah has joined its consulting services practice and will serve as Driven’s Director of Data Science and AI Strategy. In this role, Lilith will be working directly with Driven’s clients to address increasingly complex issues at the intersection of law and technology. This includes the design and application of workflows involving TAR and other analytics for information search and retrieval.
May 27, 2021
In Camera Review Blog Image

Court Rejects In Camera Review, Signals Need for Privilege Log Alternatives

Privilege log disputes are ubiquitous as parties quibble over descriptions that often reveal few details regarding the nature of privileged communications. These disputes, in turn, give rise to in camera reviews of privileged documents as courts seek additional detail regarding those claims. While in camera reviews are not supposed to issue as a matter of right, they have become increasingly widespread in recent years. This trend is fairly surprising given the near universal dislike that courts express toward in camera reviews.
May 18, 2021
2021 key trends in eDiscovery

New Federal Cases Spotlight 2021’s Key Trends in eDiscovery

Recent case law continues to reflect key trends in eDiscovery, ranging from the propriety of forensic examinations to ESI spoliation. While an order requiring a forensic collection of a party’s devices has generally been a disfavored remedy, courts now seem more willing to consider this as an option to prevent spoliation of ESI. Regarding ESI spoliation cases, courts have recently emphasized two additional issues. First, parties who preserve lesser forms of ESI like screenshots that do not adequately capture metadata may face severe procedural and evidentiary consequences. Second, counsel have an ethical obligation to inform the court and adversaries regarding ESI preservation failings.

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