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July 31, 2014
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The Real Value of Structured Data

The typical eDiscovery conversation is focused on the “vast universe of emails” that counsel wants to search or the “document that was intentionally deleted.” It’s too easily forgotten and often neglected, but there’s a wealth of information hidden within structured data sources that can be analyzed to tell yet an even more convincing story than that of an email thread. Take for example the situation surrounding an class certification and the ability to show commonality (or individuality). Does it matter what was said in the email, or just that the employee “had” to email after hours? What if there is no other activity (i.e., expenses, CRM entries, VPN logs, emails, etc.) before 11 AM effectively nulling an argument that anything after 5 PM is “after hours”?

Information is power, but having the ability to understand the data so that it can be turned into intelligence is what can change a defeat to a victory. In one quick hour we’ll walk listeners through tips and tricks to understanding structured data, how to analyze it and most importantly, how to leverage it.

Tara Emory, PMP
Tara Emory, PMP
Tara Emory advises organizations and law firms on e-Discovery and information governance programs. Tara counsels clients on data management and compliance, policies, records management technology, and defensible deletion. In litigation, she is an expert on search methodologies, data preservation and collection approaches, discovery protocols, and strategies for resolving discovery issues with litigation adversaries, government regulators, and the courts. Above all, Tara seeks to solve her clients’ unique data problems in ways that reflect a best fit for each client and matter.