Driven Inc

November 13, 2020

Guidelines for Using Technology-Assisted Review

Questions regarding the use of technology-assisted review (TAR) in discovery generally focus on whether TAR will be user-friendly for the responding party and how its use will be perceived by the requesting party. From workflow transparency and seed set disclosure to proportionality and cost shifting, courts are providing guidance on these and other TAR issues. This program will analyze these issues and provide practical insights on a complex discovery practice area.
October 22, 2020

ESI Protocols

Stipulated ESI protocols are often key to a successful eDiscovery process. When ESI protocols are used to their full extent, they frequently help litigants proactively avoid disputes, reduce costs, and conduct early case assessments. This program spotlights strategies to develop ESI protocols that can enable more efficient discovery practices.
September 25, 2020
Collaboration tools

eDiscovery from Workplace Collaboration Tools

Workplace collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams present several complex eDiscovery challenges for clients and counsel. From issues with account types and retention settings to export formats and encryption, collection and production difficulties abound. Fold in conflicting court decisions on the issues and it becomes readily apparent why workplace collaboration tools present unique discovery challenges even for experienced eDiscovery counsel. This program will analyze these issues and offer practical insights on a particularly compelling discovery practice area.
September 15, 2020

Managed Services

Driven’s Managed Services (DMS) enables your law firm or corporation to revolutionize the discovery process. DMS empowers you to diversify and augment your software offerings, while achieving the highest security, reliability, and cost transparency.