Philip Favro

January 24, 2017

Breakdowns and Tune-Ups: Getting the Litigation Hold Process Right

When Volkswagen pleaded guilty this month to obstruction of justice charges stemming from its use of emissions “defeat devices,” legal counsel for the automobile manufacturer probably started to take inventory on what it might have done differently to have avoided such a fate. While that list likely included any
January 11, 2017

Lessons Learned for 2017: Spotlighting the Top eDiscovery Cases from 2016

With the New Year upon us, it is worth reflecting on some of the key eDiscovery cases from 2016 and the lessons they offer for reducing the costs and risks of discovery. These cases also spotlight the expectations that courts will likely have for
January 5, 2017

Proportionality at the Forefront of the Discovery Culture Change

One of the significant questions surrounding litigation in 2016 is whether the 2015 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) are having a measurable impact on discovery practice. It is one thing to change
December 13, 2016

Lessons from the Experts on Addressing Digital Age Threats

What are the common gateways to cyberattacks? What are the risks associated with the Internet of Things (IoT)? What steps can organizations take to address personal cloud applications and other digital age threats? These were just a few of the key questions that