Philip Favro

June 2, 2020
guidance on use of ephemeral messaging

New Terminating Sanctions Case Provides Guidance on the Use of Ephemeral Messaging

Ephemeral messaging offers organizations great potential for addressing information related challenges in the areas of data protection, privacy, and information governance. When properly implemented through a comprehensive use plan and enterprise-wide controls including training, audits, and policy enforcement, ephemeral messaging provides companies with an effective method for enhancing confidentiality while eliminating data that has no value for the enterprise.
May 4, 2020
Workplace Collaboration Tools

eDiscovery Cases Spotlight IG Best Practices for Workplace Collaboration Tools

Organizations are increasingly using workplace collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack. With the proliferation of these tools, litigants are now seeking relevant collaboration tool messages in discovery. Over the past year, several courts have issued orders addressing preservation and production obligations for relevant content from those tools. The cases are instructive on how organizations should structure the use and configuration of retention settings for those tools as part of their information governance strategy.
April 28, 2020

Q & A with eDiscovery Expert Amy Sellars from Cardinal Health

Discovery challenges in 2020 seem to be increasing rather than decreasing. Indeed, the proliferation of ephemeral messaging apps and workplace collaboration tools spotlight just a few of the complexities surrounding eDiscovery confronting organizations today. Against this backdrop, it’s a relief to know there are experts in the field of eDiscovery who can help clients navigate these troubles. One of the leading in-house experts on these issues is Amy Sellars. Amy, who serves as the assistant general counsel and director of eDiscovery for Cardinal Health, is a seasoned eDiscovery practitioner who specializes in advising Fortune 500 companies on eDiscovery and related legal issues.