Driven’s Consulting services help our clients manage data volumes and risk, comply with legal and regulatory data requirements, and implement efficient and proportional eDiscovery processes.

We offer consulting services related to the entire data lifecycle. Whether you need to build a data compliance program, organize and delete existing data, create litigation readiness, or manage your discovery project, we can help.

Our services include:

Information Governance

Data management can be a difficult problem for organizations, but it should not be ignored! Data risk is best managed through a process that includes appropriate data compliance programs and policies, analysis of existing data, and data remediation.

  • Data compliance and retention programs, including development and employee training
  • Records management
  • Legacy and ongoing data remediation and defensible deletion
  • Identification of sensitive data
  • Data mapping
  • eDiscovery readiness programs
  • M&A preparation and due diligence


During litigation, we serve as eDiscovery advisors and liaisons, and can carry out day-to-day discovery tasks, to help you achieve your eDiscovery goals and meet compliance obligations on budget. We also assist and act as experts to facilitate the process of cooperation and negotiation in discovery between litigating parties.

  • Discovery process management
  • eDiscovery experts/liaisons
  • Legal hold
  • Data identification, data mapping, and custodial interviews
  • Technology Assisted Review
  • Structured data collection and reporting
  • Reporting metrics on cost and efficiency
  • Document review management

Our experts are highly experienced, formerly-practicing attorneys, who are also technology and data experts. We understand the legal and technological needs of our clients and aim to deliver practical, proportional, and defensible results for all projects.

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