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September 21, 2015
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Information Governance for Healthcare

Many companies have rolled out some form of B.Y.O.D. programs, some a little more thought through than others. However, much like the rogue IT group that takes a large corporation to the “cloud” over a weekend without consulting legal, there are serious ramifications a lax B.Y.O.D. program can have on both Information Security and eDiscovery.

During this quick 1-hour webinar, we’ll discuss the basics of B.Y.O.D., common complications that those programs bring, and how to effectively roll out and manage the inevitable.


Hunter W. McMahon, JD - Director of Discovery and Technology

Tara Emory, PMP
Tara Emory, PMP
Tara Emory advises organizations and law firms on e-Discovery and information governance programs. Tara counsels clients on data management and compliance, policies, records management technology, and defensible deletion. In litigation, she is an expert on search methodologies, data preservation and collection approaches, discovery protocols, and strategies for resolving discovery issues with litigation adversaries, government regulators, and the courts. Above all, Tara seeks to solve her clients’ unique data problems in ways that reflect a best fit for each client and matter.