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September 24, 2021
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Protecting Privilege and Work Product in the Age of eDiscovery

The attorney-client privilege and the work product doctrine provide counsel and clients with the necessary protection, confidentiality, and seclusion to litigate matters without interference from litigation adversaries. Nevertheless, safeguarding privileged information and work product has become particularly challenging in the age of eDiscovery. This program explores a number of those challenges and provides recommended suggestions for addressing the issues.
August 26, 2021
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Hot Topics in eDiscovery – 2021

2021 has already ushered in a number of eDiscovery developments that clients and counsel should be aware of. These developments include new trends regarding the increasing incidence of court-ordered forensic exams, whether privilege log deficiencies truly merit in camera review, and counsel’s ethical obligation to disclose client spoliation events. This program will cover cases addressing these topics and spotlight recommendations for addressing the issues.
July 22, 2021

New Trends for Second Requests in the Biden Administration

In the first months of the Biden administration, a clearer picture is coming into focus of what the next few years may bring for Second Request enforcement by the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission. As the agencies continue to increase antitrust scrutiny in certain industries and adjust their legal analysis, Congress is also considering a legislative overhaul to antitrust merger law. This program will discuss these changes, new enforcement agency leadership, and their expected impacts on Second Request. In addition, the process and timing for Second Requests continue to be affected by issues relating to CoVid-19, emerging data types and trends, and eDiscovery.
June 25, 2021
Defensible Preservation of Relevant ESI

Defensible Preservation of Relevant ESI

Most lawyers know that relevant electronically stored information (ESI) must be preserved for litigation, but surprisingly few have implemented a defensible preservation process. Without a defensible process for preserving relevant ESI, the entire discovery process is subject to collapse, leaving organizations vulnerable to data loss and court sanctions. This program reviews requirements for preserving relevant ESI and delineates guidelines and best practices for establishing a defensible preservation process for ESI.
May 20, 2021
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Data Security For Lawyers

Organizations are increasingly under siege from a variety of cyber-threats ranging from malicious insiders and cyber criminals to lax internal protocols and laptops on the move. The resulting privacy and data breaches raise potential harm to clients and expose lawyers to liability for failure to meet minimum standards. This program focuses on providing lawyers and those they employ a better understanding of the essential elements of data security, the risks of data loss, and guidance to help them identify and minimize these perils.