You need a reliable partner that can help you navigate the eDiscovery challenges confronting your organization.

Driven can address your needs through a combination of its professional services and its best-in-breed eDiscovery platforms. Driven services span the entire litigation lifecycle to provide your organization with needed process and professional acumen. From pre-litigation discovery planning and litigation hold measures to search, review, and production, Driven can help you satisfy complex discovery obligations, while enabling you to more effectively prepare your matter for summary judgment, settlement, or trial. Driven offers the following services:

To enable efficient and cost-effective review, Driven offers you the opportunity to use either or both of its platforms, ONE Discovery and Relativity. Because the platforms are integrated, you can pick the best features from either platform to address different aspects of your discovery process. For example, you can do your culling, processing, and TAR in the ONE Platform and then review the results in Relativity, or vice versa. You also have the option to try processing in both platforms and then decide which results best serve your needs. No other provider can offer you this kind of flexibility. Rest assured that your projects will be supported by our expert teams of Project Managers, Litigation Support Specialists, and Managed Review staff.