eDiscovery: Collection

An area of particular vulnerability in eDiscovery is the collection process.

Inextricably intertwined with the preservation and review phases, collection requires careful analysis and meticulous action to ensure that key documents are identified and processed for production. Without the help of knowledgeable experts or technology, you may very well neglect to isolate responsive information or identify key documents needed to establish your claims or defenses.

Driven can work with you to accomplish a proper collection of electronic information. Driven’s experts can manage the custodian interview process and ascertain the precise location, down to the file path, of potentially responsive data. Such a strategy will lead to a more cost effective collection process and one that is ultimately less invasive and time consuming for your employees. With the help of our crack forensics team, Driven can provide a full range of computer forensics services to ensure efficient, thorough collections while maintaining the integrity of data and metadata.

Driven also offers cost-effective collection services in the paper documents arena. Driven can rapidly scan, OCR, and blow back electronic versions of paper documents, all at cost effective rates.

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