eDiscovery: Legal Hold

In the age of eDiscovery, the legal hold process is a lynchpin for success in litigation.

Without a defensible approach to legal holds, the entire discovery process may very well collapse. Key players and data sources may discard or overwrite electronic information if they are oblivious to a preservation duty. Such a scenario could leave clients vulnerable to data loss, satellite litigation, and court sanctions.

To avoid that situation, you need to develop an effective legal hold process as part of your organization’s overall litigation readiness plan. Driven can work with you to do so through its discovery experts and top shelf technology. Our experts can help you through the process of:

  • Identifying what key players and data sources may have relevant information
  • Preparing pertinent hold instructions in an intelligible fashion for distribution, and
  • Taking appropriate follow up steps to ensure continued compliance with holds

Driven’s technology provides needed auxiliary support to better enable a workable hold process. Our best-in-breed discovery platforms each offer automated hold functionality, which enables the placement of legal holds on various custodians across multiple cases. These tools better ensure that data subject to a preservation duty is actually retained and should thereby help you avoid the preservation missteps that result in costly collateral litigation.