Litigation Readiness

In today’s litigious climate, your organization needs a litigation response plan so you are ready to address discovery issues, even before a lawsuit is filed.

Driven provides the professional expertise and technologies needed to develop that response plan and better ensure that you are ready for litigation.

To develop an effective litigation response plan, our eDiscovery experts work with you to evaluate your organization’s current state of litigation readiness and to create procedures that address deficiencies.  Our Consultants methodically analyze sources of information for effective data mapping; assess existing legal hold protocols to identify preservation gaps; and review policies and practices to understand the discovery risks arising from mobile devices, social networks, and cloud computing.  They ensure that your implemented readiness plan reflects organizational goals and culture.

Our litigation readiness services are supported by Driven Governance, a platform that enables you to develop and maintain repeatable workflows, and to prepare and manage the preliminary tasks for pending, potential, and ongoing matters.  This increases the cost effectiveness of the process and improves its accuracy and defensibility.

Driven Governance also provides you with full visibility of data sources, in-place ECA, and the ability to maximize existing workflow with smart tagging, confidentiality buckets, and privilege designations – all increasing your readiness for new litigation when it occurs.