eDiscovery: Managed Review

Certain eDiscovery projects require the use of a managed review team.

Where time, cost, or other factors so dictate, you can turn to the high-quality, cost-efficient attorney review service that Driven offers. Driven’s managed review team has handled reviews of varying complexities for Fortune 500 companies and AmLaw 100 firms. With that expertise, Driven works with you to develop workflows customized to your case goals. We also apply recognized project management principles to help you meet those goals within your delineated cost boundaries.

Driven's managed review team draws on the functionality of its best-in-breed eDiscovery platforms to provide you with transparency into all review metrics and quality control. This will enable you to stay focused on the merits of your case instead of having to oversee the day-to-day management of the review.

Because Driven leverages its own staff and uses only platform-trained reviewers, we offer an aggressive per-document pricing model for a more predictable cost structure. Driven’s pricing model can be structured either pre- or post-culling and is inclusive of all workflow elements. This includes the use of analytical tools such as concept searching, data clustering, email threading, near-duplicate identification, categorization, and technology-assisted review (TAR).

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