eDiscovery: Technology Assisted Review

Technology assisted review (TAR) is now recognized as the one of the most accurate and affordable methods of document review.

To ensure the most defensible and efficient document review possible, Driven offers all the options you need for a workflow that fits your case goals, with easy setup.

Active Learning Process: Our eDiscovery platforms actively learn from prior reviewer decisions to determine which documents to assign next in line for review. This, in turn, reduces the total number of documents to be reviewed.

Robust Language Learning: Our eDiscovery platforms learn language and document relationships from all case documents, rather than relying only on documents actually reviewed or on outside data.

Review Excerpts to Code Documents at the Paragraph Level:  Reviewers have an option to identify specific passages on different topics within a single document, allowing for greater accuracy and coding of fewer documents.

Maximum Flexibility:   Reviewers can designate multiple issues and workflows on the same set of documents, enabling attorneys to adjust workflow easily as cases change.

Proven Accuracy:  Our eDiscovery platforms use search technology developed and used by the U.S. government intelligence community.

Additional Analytics Features:  In addition to TAR, our eDiscovery platforms also support near-duplicate identification, email threading, categorization, data clustering, and concept searching.