Trial Prep

As more law firms are digitizing their databases and archives, they are realizing the time and cost savings that can be achieved by turning to cloud-based document management.

As law firms do so, they are making these cloud technologies a cornerstone in their process for online trial preparation. Driven offers just such a cloud-based document management program for trial preparation. Driven’s cloud-based platform includes the following benefits:

  • Streamlined communication and improved collaboration with joint defense groups, experts, and corporate clients, regardless of where they are located in the world
  • Secure, real-time access to all work products, transcripts, video, documents, exhibits, graphics and other evidentiary materials

Driven’s trial prep platform is also seamlessly integrated with our review platforms. This enables you to effortlessly leverage your existing responsive ESI and more easily prepare for trial. The two main components of our platform that help you prepare for trial ( depending on the types of data that are being prepared) are Transcript Manager and Document Manager.

The Transcript Manager provides the following functionality:

  • Stream Synced Video Transcripts
  • Layer Designations and Multi-Issue Designations
  • Exhibit Linking
  • Full Color Transcript Printout with Designations, Issues and Notes
  • Powerful, Flexible Reporting
  • Search Across All Transcripts
  • Export Video Clips

The Document Manager allows you to:

  • Batch and upload all file types with no size or type limitations
  • Code, search, and organize documents by key topics or themes
  • Folder materials with public and private settings for secure user controls
  • Apply Boolean searches across your document collection using built-in OCR
  • Hover over documents to view thumbnails, including multiple-page views
  • Archive graphics and data for MDLs and serial litigation