Information Governance

Data management can be a difficult problem for organizations, but it should not be ignored!

Data risk is best managed through a process that includes appropriate data compliance programs and policies, analysis of existing data, and data remediation. Data volume growth is a double edged sword. It is the cause and the effect of more productive employees, but its inevitable accumulation is unsustainable in the long run. Unstructured, unorganized “dark” data threatens organizations’ compliance with legal and business requirements. It engulfs and hides valuable data, creating inefficiency. It complicates protection of sensitive data, causing legal, business and reputational risk. It increases IT storage expenses, wasting resources. It increases risk and expense of events such as suspected data breaches or discovery in litigation.

Lack of control over data flows further threatens security of information that is personal, protected by domestic or international laws, proprietary, or otherwise confidential.

Our Driven Governance technology, consulting, and support services solve your information governance needs, giving you oversight and control of your data.