Information Governance: Consulting

The principal purpose of Information Governance is to create value from information.

This is done by enabling organizations to retain information that is significant or that otherwise must be kept for business, legal, or regulatory purposes – and nothing else. Driven’s Consultants assist organizations in achieving their Information Governance objectives by facilitating the development of policies and practices surrounding the retention of information. Driven’s Consultants are experienced lawyers and technologists work with Legal, IT professionals and business units to determine how data is created and stored.  We design and implement Data Compliance Programs based on each company’s unique business and compliance needs to reflect its business operations and risk tolerance.

Services include:

  • Data compliance and retention programs, including development and employee training
  • Records management
  • Legacy and ongoing data remediation and defensible deletion
  • Identification of sensitive data
  • Data mapping
  • eDiscovery readiness programs
  • M&A preparation and due diligence