Information Governance: Software

Driven Governance is a full data life cycle management tool that integrates the disciplines of information governance, records management, compliance, and eDiscovery management into a single robust platform.

This enables you to lower the cost and risk associated with over-retention and burdensome discovery.  Governance allows for efficient collaboration by all data stakeholders, including inside and outside counsel, IT, Records Management, and data custodians.  

Governance is a one-stop tool for management of an organization’s data by all of its stakeholders, including Legal, IT, Compliance, business operations, and outside counsel. 

Automated business rules inside the platform allow users to set and execute retention periods for data sources, and to delete expired data.  Data mapping and collection features enable identification and collection of data for any purpose, data assessment and analysis, identification of sensitive data, M&A activities, investigations, and litigation.  By synching with document review platforms, work product can be analyzed across platforms, and reused across projects when appropriate.

Data Map

Governance synchs with and facilitates management of the organization’s entire IT footprint, including its own networks, any local devices attached to the network, and third party clouds.  Data sources, their features, and their users can be identified, mapped, and updated.  Sources can then be developed for data remediation, migration projects, and eDiscovery.

 Information Governance, Data Analysis and Remediation

Data can be tracked, analyzed and governed as part of retention and deletion programs. Governance’s analytics tools provide insight on what data sits where in your organization, and empowers you with the capabilities to protect, control and delete. 

eDiscovery Management

Our full eDiscovery management suite allows you to take control of your eDiscovery process to minimize costs, increase defensibility, and audit compliance.

  • Legal Hold Administration: Administer and track legal holds by custodian and data source. Governance offers templates with automated notification, escalation and reminders, and the power to audit.
  • Custodial Interviews: Custodial interviews are key to defensible, targeted legal holds and collections. Identify potentially relevant files in place with custodial interview tools that enable hold and collection of only potentially relevant files.
  • Remote, Targeted Collection: Collect only the files and folders that are potentially relevant, from any data source, from anywhere.
  • Work Product Tracking and Preservation: Sync any review work product in any platform back to files on your server, so that it persists across all matters and can reused, saving future review costs.
  • Defensible Deletion: Delete files no longer subject to hold, including files determined to be nonresponsive after attorney review.

Driven Governance uniquely aligns with corporate data management systems and also syncs with eDiscovery platforms, allowing a single point of access for administration of retention, deletion, collection, data management and data analysis of all corporate data, whether it resides on corporate servers or third-party clouds.

  • Discovery Budgeting: Estimate discovery costs at each phase of discovery (even before collection) based on volumes of identified data