Special Masters & ESI Experts: Consulting

Special Masters & ESI Experts: Consulting

Special Masters and Neutral ESI Experts Provide an Efficient and Effective Method for Expediting and Addressing eDiscovery Disputes.

Court-appointed special masters and neutral ESI experts provide organization and framework for investigating and addressing complex issues at the intersection of law and technology. They bring perspective to the court and the parties, along with the knowledge and experience in handling the technical and process requirements for efficiently and effectively resolving eDiscovery disputes. Special Masters and ESI Experts can also work with the parties to mediate disputes and resolve differences over a variety of eDiscovery complexities.

Driven’s expert consultants have served as court-appointed special masters and neutral ESI experts to manage any number of discovery issues in the cases in which they have served. Courts, counsel, and clients turn to Driven’s consultants for their specialized knowledge of discovery issues, technical and process expertise, and legal practice experience. All of which enable Driven’s consultants to help efficiently, cost-effectively, and appropriately manage any number of eDiscovery issues.

Driven’s Expert Consultants Can Serve as Special Masters and Neutral ESI Experts on Matters Involving a Variety of Discovery and ESI Issues, including:

  • ESI Preservation and Collection, including Forensic Analysis of Computer Devices and Data
  • ESI Protocols
  • Search Term Negotiations, Protocols, and Workflows
  • Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) Negotiations, Protocols, and Workflows
  • Privilege Logging
  • Managing Discovery in Multidistrict Litigation (MDLs)
  • Cross-Border Issues Involving Matters of International and Foreign Law
  • Seizures of ESI pursuant to the Defend Trade Secrets Act

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