While our technology is very 21st century,
our support model is very 20th century.

At Driven, we strive to be a completely customer-centric company where our client-focused service model allows us to surround you with service, support and personal attention, day or night. We believe strongly in good old-fashioned personal support through today’s modern conveniences. From the first contact you’ll see the difference.

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When you contact Driven, you’ll be fully supported by one—or several
of our more than 60 Driven team members from the following teams:

Project Management

Driven’s Project Management Team works to facilitate our clients’ projects through all phases of the project life cycle. You will be assigned to one of our Senior Project Managers who will discuss the scope of your project from inception, and act as the centralized communication point between you and all of the necessary components within Driven. That same person will remain your primary Driven contact for all project-related discussions, and work closely with all of Driven’s internal service departments and teams (Consulting, EDD Processing, Hosted Services, LitSupport, Forensics, etc.) to ensure that all aspects of your project are handled seamlessly.

Our Project Managers are ultimately responsible for successful project delivery, and our Senior Project Managers are backed by a team of Processing Coordinators who ensure that we provide 24-hour availability for project communication. Messages sent to Driven’s Project Management email address ([email protected]) reach all members of our PM staff so that we can maintain our very high standard of responsiveness.


Driven’s Forensics team can conduct forensically-sound collections, investigations, and data recovery in legal cases involving fraud, patent infringement, intellectual property disputes, employee misconduct, wrongful death, industrial espionage, or wrongful termination, etc. Our forensics technicians are certified and experienced in collecting [data or information] from laptop and desktop computers, servers, cell phones, GPS units, PDAs, external hard drives, thumb drives, floppies, tapes, social media sites, internal and web-based e-mail, and many more sources of evidence.

Extending the unique capabilities and custom solutions philosophy of the rest of our offerings, Driven’s Forensic department uses internal software development capabilities that allow our team members to tackle situations that would stymie more traditional forensics departments.

Litagation Support Analysts (LSAs)

Driven’s Litigation Support team is comprised of seasoned, AMLAW 200 firm-experienced analysts with extensive litigation and eDiscovery experience, built to emulate a traditional in-house department typically found within law firms today. Our analysts hold multiple certifications, including kCura’s RCA, Content Analyst's CAAT* certification and ACEDS’ CEDS certification. Many of our analysts contribute with on-site trial support, allowing the group to offer a holistic approach to supporting our clients.

The primary responsibility of the Litigation Support team is to provide you with in-depth support of the ONE and Relativity eDiscovery platforms. Each analyst is highly proficient with all of the platforms’ functionality, and all analysts are readily available to accommodate your needs, from executing simple requests to addressing challenging tasks.

Analysts are responsible for providing training at all levels to new and existing users for the life of the project. They share a collaborative relationship with Driven Consultants, providing guidance on best-practices in ONE and Relativity to execute various consulting solutions. The Litigation Support team goal is to help clients maximize the broad spectrum of platform tools in order to efficiently problem-solve and deliver results.

Analysts are available to assist in the design and implementation of custom workflow within ONE and Relativity. Examples of these workflows range from creating automated review pools, implementing QC best-practices, employing Driven’s Advanced Analytics tools to prioritize documents, utilizing ONE’s privilege log module, and assisting with finalizing exhibit lists in advance of trial.

* Content Analyst Advanced Analytics including Technology Assisted Review, Concept Clustering, Near Duplicate Detection and Email Threading

Electronic Data Discovery Team

Driven’s Electronic Data Discovery team (EDD) is responsible for almost all of the processing work carried out by Driven. Our team is available 24/7/365, operating in three shifts.

Our EDD Team consists of high-level engineers who create custom solutions for complex projects, high-level technicians who handle larger projects, and mid-to-junior-level technicians who perform everyday routine work. These technicians are the point of initiation for most jobs, and will carry out initial analysis, ask relevant questions (through the Project Management team) and execute your project from start to finish.

At times, due to their everyday involvement with most client projects and a wide range of available talent, EDD team members will also assist in suggesting efficient methods to tackling an otherwise difficult task for our clients. Once the project is with EDD team, team members will coordinate with other departments within Driven for successful and timely project completion.

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