Data Security

Companies are increasingly under siege from a variety of electronic-based threats.

Those threats range from malicious insiders and cyber criminals to lax internal protocols and unsecured corporate networks. While these factors have posed challenges for years, new risks and regulations require that companies take proactive steps today to prepare for these threats.

Driven can help your company do so by developing Information Governance policies with actionable procedures to address or minimize the harm from electronic threats and vulnerabilities. With the help of our expert Consultants and our Driven Governance technology, we can map your company’s data and apply smart tags, confidentiality designations, and other identifying marks to track your data. This will help your company control both internal and external access to its information and enable it to more readily identify data compromised as a result of a security breach.

With the use of our cutting edge analytics tools, Driven’s experts can also help your company enforce internal protocols and detect cyber risks.