Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property Protection

Trade secrets and intellectual property (IP) are some of the most important assets belonging to a company.

From customer lists, pricing information and other proprietary materials to its portfolio of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, a company must zealously safeguard and monitor the use of its trade secrets and IP to ameliorate the risk of misappropriation or expiration. While doing so has always been challenging, this is particularly the case in the digital age. Technological innovations like consumer-grade cloud applications, smartphones, and social networks make notions of corporate confidentiality almost non-existent. Moreover, tracking the expiration and renewal dates for a vast IP portfolio is a logistical nightmare for most enterprises.

To address these challenges, Driven can deploy its technological prowess and consulting experts to facilitate protection of your company’s IP. Using Driven’s top-shelf information governance technology, our experts can create a data map that identifies the locations both on and off your corporate network where IP resides. We can also apply smart tags, confidentiality designations, and other identifying marks to your IP. This will help control ingress and egress to trade secrets and enable you to monitor and track the expiration and renewal dates for patents, copyrights, and trademarks. All of which can help your company better manage its trade secret and IP portfolio.

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