Second Requests

Second Requests are arguably the most time-sensitive, burdensome and crucial of all eDiscovery processes that companies must address.

Designed to assess potentially anticompetitive commercial activity, Second Requests issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the Department of Justice (DOJ) require exact compliance by your company. Unlike traditional litigation, any failure to precisely satisfy Second Request specifications can delay or even scuttle a proposed transaction. Given these factors, you need fast and flexible eDiscovery support to meet Second Request production requirements.

Driven’s unique processing, review and consulting capabilities can assist you in ensuring thorough and defensible productions, all while reducing the costs and time needed to achieve compliance and minimizing business disruption. Driven’s specialized Second Request services include supporting negotiations for modifications and deferrals (including technology assisted review and other document review techniques), designing collection strategies for document and data specifications, conducting custodial interviews, and managing efficient document review. With backgrounds in law, technology, and forensics, we apply our expertise to bridge the gap between technology and the law by working closely with your in-house and outside legal team and your IT professionals.

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