Financial Services

The regulatory burdens facing the financial services industry feel almost crushing at times.

From exacting records retention demands and public reporting requirements to the obligation to ferret out corruption, fraud, and bribery, financial services companies are acutely aware of the need to comply with governing regulations. And despite the sophistication that your company possesses, achieving regulatory compliance without the help of knowledgeable advisors is unthinkable.

Through a combination of its consulting and technology offerings, Driven can help your company in its quest to reasonably comply with the byzantine financial services regulatory environment. Our experts can help you develop an internal compliance program that includes building out properly functioning internal reporting channels required to address allegations of fraud, corruption, or bribery. Using Driven’s best-in-breed information governance technology, our experts can also map your data. By deploying smart tagging, confidentiality buckets, and privilege designations, Driven can facilitate compliance with both retention requirements and retrieval of data in response to regulatory demands. All of which should enable your company to demonstrate to government investigators the good faith nature of its regulatory compliance efforts.