The pharmaceutical industry is facing a wide range of information-related challenges.

On the one hand, pharmaceutical companies can be overwhelmed by the eDiscovery demands arising from litigation and government investigations. And yet, they must also deal with threats to their trade secrets and other proprietary information from malicious insiders and external cyber-attacks. These and other challenges can weaken even the strongest pharmaceutical company.

To address these problems, pharmaceutical companies should tap the expertise and technology of a company like Driven. Driven’s experts can deploy analytical tools from our best-in-breed eDiscovery platforms to rapidly identify relevant information in the terabytes of potentially responsive corporate data. Just as significant, our experts can use these tools to cull through millions of documents to identify the few key materials that your company needs to prepare for summary judgment, settlement proceedings, or trial. With an expertly handled managed review team, Driven can also quickly turn around quality productions in response to discovery requests or government investigations.

With respect to your company’s trade secrets, Driven can deploy its technological tools and consulting experts to facilitate their protection. Using Driven’s information governance technology, our experts can create a data map that identifies the locations both on and off your corporate network where trade secrets reside. We can also apply smart tags, confidentiality buckets, and other designations to help control access and allow you to better manage the company’s trade secret portfolio.