emojis in eDiscovery
Fabricated Text Message Highlights the Importance of Emojis in eDiscovery
August 19, 2021
Court Sanctions Parties for Using Signal
Court Sanctions Defendants For Using Signal To Thwart FTC Investigation
September 23, 2021

Hot Topics in eDiscovery – 2021

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Unfortunately due to varying requirements among State by State CLE approval authorities for prerecorded material, we are not able to offer CLE credit for recorded webinars. We can only offer CLE credit for the live sessions.

Hot Topics in eDiscovery—2021

2021 has already ushered in a number of eDiscovery developments that clients and counsel should be aware of. These developments include new trends regarding the increasing incidence of court-ordered forensic exams, whether privilege log deficiencies truly merit in camera review, and counsel’s ethical obligation to disclose client spoliation events. This program will cover cases addressing these topics and spotlight recommendations for addressing the issues.