Special Masters - A Cost Effective Method for Handling eDiscovery
Special Masters: A Cost Effective Method for Handling eDiscovery
March 29, 2021
Special Master consideration
Considerations for Using Special Masters in eDiscovery
April 1, 2021

Guide to Choosing a TAR Workflow

Lawyers should have a basic understanding of technology assisted review (TAR) so they can speak knowledgeably with clients and providers about whether to use TAR and, if so, which TAR workflow to use. In like manner, counsel must be able to communicate effectively with adversaries and the courts regarding the TAR process their clients have used.
Sifting through available information on TAR workflows and deciphering what information is truly actionable as opposed to a marketing pitch can be overwhelming and time-consuming. This guide assists parties with this process by describing TAR and TAR workflows, as well as factors to consider when selecting the optimal TAR workflow.

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